The Power of a Photo


“If I could tell a story with words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera”.  Lewis Hine

Rome, Italy, January 2009

If I didn’t have my camera at the market that day, I could’ve never met this man. His gaze tells more of a story than words ever could. One of my favorite images.

Favorites From the Lomo


i love me some toy cameras.

While a senior in college I was going to do my thesis using this lomo. A $1.56 toy camera mailed directly from Japan (could’ve bought 9 cameras for the price of shipping). I wanted the images to tell a story of where I was in life. Unclear of my future, tossing around a million ideas of how to be a successful photographer, the anxiety that all of it caused me…But all while holding my quirkiness, and humor. Almost all of my projects in school had an underlining humor to them which I’m proud of and feel that some fine art work needs. These are just a few from that project that I later  changed, but I still really enjoy them.

A little confusion, but, a force of achieving goals

Revisiting My 3rd Trip to Italia


I hadn’t had a chance to put these photos up on the blog yet, so I’m taking the opportunity to do so. The amount of joy and happiness these photos bring me is unsurmountable because of how much I love this country. The air smells better, the sun feels like it’s wrapping its arms around you, obviously the food… Figs the size of your head and the best espresso that has ever touched your lips. And you’re constantly surrounded by beautiful rich history. I bend down and touch the dirt so I can feel the history and immediately get transported to what was happening there hundreds of years ago. I can’t even talk about it, I get too worked up with emotion! But, finally, here we are on this short photo voyage I’d like to invite you on. Foiano di Val Fortore. My dads hometown and one stop of our many journeys through Italy. Till we meet again, my sweet Italia.

Olive trees upon arriving in FoianoPrendo un caffe, per favore!The remanence of the cherries from Alphonso’s tree. Perfect Zia Antonietta!Dinner!The cool gals on the block doing what they do best, gossiping and knitting ;)Setting up for the festival and a man in the piazzaWind energy is all over Italy. At least someone is getting it right.Was going to nap after our 3 hour lunch – I couldn’t pass the opportunity to do a little documenting.Carrying the statue of San Giovanni up the hill during the fest! That’s my pop on the far right :)Pizza in piazza during the fest

The people of Foiano enjoying the food, music, and darn good time! Hope to see you soon.