Fine Art Prints: Images of Italy

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 Hi, friends! I’m selling several fine art prints from my last trip to Italy. The images were taken in various towns in the province Campania, and are near to my heart. I’d love to share the beauty of this place I so adore! Click the image below to view the gallery.



What to Wear? Tips for Senior Portraits

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What to wear for your senior portrait session. Always such a daunting question, right? A lot of seniors seek my advice on this, so  I decided to put together some tips to hopefully make it a little easier!

With up to 3 outfit changes, we can really do a lot of variety. I usually recommend doing two casual and one a little more dressy. It’s good to start with the basics clothing wise and build from there.

Guys: Start with a pair of dark jeans, a clean pair of sneaks and a solid tee. From there you can add button downs, blazers, sports uniforms…For your more dressy look maybe bring along a pair of leather shoes which can be added to the blazer and jeans combo for a totally different look.

Patterned tee’s are great with a pair of shorts. If you’re into music, bring along your favorite band tee.

Color is good! Just try and stay away from colors that are close to your skin tone.

Girls:  Start with cute a pair of skinny jeans and a solid tank. From there you can throw on a denim jacket or a flowy top, switch from wedges to sandals or flats and there you have two totally different outfits. Dresses are cute, too. They require little fuss and are easy to accessorize.

If you are in sports, dance, gymnastics, if you play any instruments…Feel free to bring as many props as you wish!

Really, there’s no set rules to this stuff, these are just some tips to help you along the way. Above all, you just want to be you and be comfortable!!

>> wardrobe cheat-sheets! <<

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Mila is 3! Pittsburgh Children Photography

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Getting to hang out with Mila is always a treat. She’s such a loving and happy little one, and she’ll chat with you about pretty much anything. After we hit the merry-go-round we got to talking about Kennywood, and she convinced me that I TOO want to ride the flying elephants. How does she do it? I don’t know how her parents say no to her…seriously. We walked around Phipps and played along the flowers, and getting toward the end of the shoot, she invited me to lunch. I love this girl. I was ready to drop all plans, but I figured I should be responsible. Next time, Mila ;)