21st Annual Hearts & Hopes Fundraiser

The Pittsburgh Young Leadership Board made the 2014 Hearts & Hopes fundraiser a true success. I had the opportunity to shoot last years event, too, and it’s so exciting to see the wonderful turn out they get. The donators were invited to come and mingle, dine on an array of donated food & sweets and join in on a Chinese auction to win some awesome things (like a giant basket of wine!). I’m really honored to be able to capture Hearts & Hopes – congrats to the YLB for putting on such an incredible event.


21st Annual Hearts & Hopes full gallery

Samantha: Pittsburgh Senior Portraits


So photographing in the snow was a little chilly, but it was also really awesome and magical. Samantha is a senior at Lincoln Park Performing Arts High School and the dancer in her shows not only in the arabesque, but … Continue reading

Brother & Sister! Pittsburgh Children Photography

My niece and nephew are the best. Words can’t describe how much I care about these little ones. Serena, the little princess who also loves digging for worms. And Marco, the most thoughtful miniature dude and “monster chase” champion. They adore each other when they aren’t torturing one another, but that all comes with title of siblings, I suppose. :)