My family, photography, traveling and my garden. Those things mean the most and continue to shape who I am. My family gives love and guides me (to be brief!), photography shows me how to step back and notice the details, traveling inspires me and my garden shows me how to be appreciative. For those I am so grateful! 

But what a thing photography is.

My passion grew after 14 when I took my first trip to Italy with my father. I photographed our travels together with a 35mm point and shoot. I was discovering how photographs gave me the chance to tell a story. It would be my story and vision. It’s a powerful form of expression to uncover at 14!

I was totally enthralled from that moment on. I thank this beautiful world and the people in it for giving me a reason to pick my camera up and photograph every day!

I received my BFA in Photography from Point Park University in 2010 and have been working in both film and digital photography in Pittsburgh since.