I believe that the most special moments are in the details. A certain glance, a touch, a sliver of sunlight across your skin. These are things that make an image authentic. We make authentic images, and that’s a word I use confidently, but not lightly. We could do unnatural poses or use fake looking filters, but I’d rather make real photographs.


My dad and I took a two week trip to Italy together when I was 14. I had just got a 35mm point and shoot, so I was pretty excited to capture every detail. Soon I discovered how photographs gave me the chance to tell a story. A way to instantly catch irreplaceable moments. When we work together, I let you be you and encourage you to share your story. We take short strolls, find awesome locations, talk about life, sometimes put on a little Hall & Oates and make real photos together. It’s a always a blast and it’s always special.


My family, traveling and gardening. They are my biggest influences and continue to inspire how I see moments & create images. My family! Oh those wonderful people send so much love. My patience and attentiveness comes from them (thanks guys!). Traveling keeps me excited and I have so much respect for all of our cultural differences. My garden. If you follow the rules of nature from seed to harvest you are treated with beautiful flowers, fruits & veggies! No short cuts because hard work pays off ;).




West Coast

Coming from Pittsburgh I’d been dying to explore the West and take in all of its splendor. Last summer I fulfilled that dream, visiting Colorado, Oregon and Washington. In June I linked up with a good friend in Denver. Our to-do list consisted of drinking a lot of good beer and hiking the Flat Irons – we were successful in both! Later, in August, my best friend and I road tripped through Oregon and Washington. We hiked daily, saw the Temptations, boated with Mt. Hood as our backdrop and played frisbee on Cannon Beach. We also got a flat tire, because it wouldn’t be a road trip if we didn’t. Talk about a good summer.

From left to right: Biker stop heading to Nederland, CO., Cannon Beach – barnacle watching, driving to Boulder, Forest Park – Portland, Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood, Cannon waves


From left to right: Paddle boating at Lost Lake, Seattle and Mt. Rainier, Cannon Beach, driving along the Colombia River, our epic flat tire