I believe that the most special moments are in the details. A certain glance, an uncontrollable laugh or a sliver of sunlight across your skin. These are things that make an image authentic. I try my best to make authentic images, and that’s a word I use confidently, but not lightly. I could make you do all sorts of poses or use fake looking filters, but honestly, I’d rather just make real photographs.


My dad and I took a two week trip to Italy together when I was 14. I had just got a 35mm point and shoot (it was automatic, but I eventually stole my dads old Canon FTb), so I was pretty excited to capture every detail. Soon I discovered how photographs gave me the chance to tell a story. A way to instantly catch irreplaceable moments. It’s an amazingly powerful thing!





West Coast

Coming from Pittsburgh I’d been dying to explore the West and take in all of its splendor. Last summer I fulfilled that dream, visiting Colorado, Oregon and Washington. In June I linked up with a good friend in Denver. Our to-do list consisted of drinking a lot of good beer and hiking the Flat Irons – we were successful in both! Later, in August, my best friend and I road tripped through Oregon and Washington. We hiked daily, saw the Temptations, boated with Mt. Hood as our backdrop and played frisbee on Cannon Beach. We also got a flat tire, because it wouldn’t be a road trip if we didn’t. Talk about a good summer.

From left to right: Biker stop heading to Nederland, CO., Cannon Beach – barnacle watching, driving to Boulder, Forest Park – Portland, Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood, Cannon waves


From left to right: Paddle boating at Lost Lake, Seattle and Mt. Rainier, Cannon Beach, driving along the Colombia River, our epic flat tire