What to Expect & Tips for your Engagement Session


 “What to Expect” & Tips for your Engagement Session

 What to expect

 You’re engaged! What an exciting milestone in your life. It’s my job to document the perfect match you and your fiancé make, and we keep it real.

Engagement sessions are a blast. We listen to Hall & Oates on my iPhone, take short strolls and find the coolest spots. I like to have a game plan, but we ultimately go with the flow. You never know where we’ll find the most perfect light and backdrop to make the a stunning photograph. Sometimes I lie and say “okay, last one”, then I look across the street to another perfect spot for “one more”.

Your job is to let loose and have fun. Mine is to capture every intimate, caring and funny moment that comes from that.


 ► What to wear

Make sure your outfits compliment each other, but do not match. If your man is wearing a patterned shirt, consider wearing something solid. I recommend to come in your most dressy, then bring along one-two other outfits. One casual and one in between.

If your session is in the city maybe stay more modern, clean and classy. Items like a form fitting dress, a sharp button down and jacket for guys, killer boots/shoes. For a park setting consider items like flannels, casual shoes, flowy dresses… Always feel free to add accessories like scarves, hats, jackets, wraps ect. With that said absolutely stay true to yourselves. If you’re a couple that never gets too formal, do all casual outfits, that’s perfect!

Lay out your outfits the night before and see how they look together, I find that’s the best way to make a decision.

► Animals

If you have a little fur baby you’d like to have join in I’m all for that! I just ask that you arrange for someone to pick them up if you do not plan to include them in the whole session.

 ► Don’t worry about poses

Try not to get caught up in “how do I pose?!” “what should I do with my hands?!”. I’m really good at giving direction, but you guys are also really good at doing your thing. I push little ideas for posing, but it’s incredible how naturally it comes for couples, even in front of a camera.

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